I just got a whiff of good news last night. A friend who had celebrated her 21st birthday also got attached at the same time. And I for one, felt so very happy for her..it’s like a warm fuzzy-feeling-in-the-tummy kind of happy. I must say that it’s so very different from that of which I had felt for so many times as I heard couples upon couples getting together while I was still single.

So, I was telling Yongqiang about this change in the feeling and we shared the same sentiments that it is now a “Welcome to the club!” kind of happy..because we ourselves have been through the period of pre-togetherness.

Anyway, for those who are single and reading this, I am not trying to make you eat your hearts out. For the record, I have spent many, many years of my life wondering, wondering and wondering too. So I totally understand how it goes..it’s that kind of happy yet slightly envious and all the while deep down questioning “when’s my turn coming” thing, right? Ok, now you’re smiling :)

What I wanna say is, it ain’t easy. Two people getting together. And that explains the happy feeling when you hear such news.

I remember the times in those months before Yongqiang and I got together..I had my bout of doubts and uncertainty, coupled with many prayerful and pondering nights. And believe me, there were many times when I felt I am better off staying single..! Because to me, it does take courage to step into a relationship.

Yet, two is indeed better than one. Being together with another person does reveal a lot more about ourselves..most times, in very unexpected ways and measures. I’d like to say that love is a giant magnifying glass. It causes us to see sides of us we had not seen before - the flaws and also the pluses.

So, have fun all you singles!

And those already in the club.. here’s a quote that touched me deeply:

The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost - Gilbert Keith Chesterton

If we could love them like this, we would be able to cherish them more.



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Yes. And I totally believe in that. Because I know of the same thing.

"Your love helps me understand God’s love for me."

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Do you know..and a reminder to self

When in a relationship, it is a privilege of yours..because in the whole of this wide world, God has allowed the heart of that very person whom you like so much to be placed so closely with yours.

It is still wholly in God’s hands but now you have the one and only unique role to play - to treat that heart right and well, to cherish and love it and protect it well. It is a form of entrustment that God has given to you..and like any other, it must not be breached.

Just some thoughts here..plus a reminder to self on this. I want to always be in awe of God for giving me this awesome privilege.

And just a side note to all..it’s actually very good to be in awe. Just STAY in that place of being held in awe of God and His goodness.. I’ve learnt that this goes a really long way and a grateful heart’s developed on the inside before you even know it!



A great relationship requires two main things. First, is to find out the similarities and second, is to respect the differences.

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A relationship, any relationship for that matter long distance or not, must be built on strong foundations of trust, understanding and determination to make it work. That creates a common goal for you to work towards developing a strong relationship whether you are together or apart. For example, agree to disagree, accept each other as you are, practice trust and honesty, strive towards compromise and self-sacrifice. Relationships are difficult granted, as you are emotionally attached to a person you can and sometimes not touch and this can hurt your heart. But in reality, wow they can be so beautiful, we just have to let them be. The only way to make these relationships work is if you and your partner honestly believe you will strive for happiness. It is very important that if you want your relationship to work, you must make a great effort to not drift apart and always remember the number one reason why you got into one in the first place. <3

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This is dedicated to every one who needs to hear it, for every relationship that is struggling to hold on. Know that life is short, and the people that we are fortunate to have in our lives can be gone tomorrow. Nothing is promised, and being angry, bitter, upset, seeking revenge, yelling, name calling never gets anything accomplished. If your relationship is something you cherish, never go to sleep mad at each other, respect each other and always try to settle your differences maturely. Sure being in a relationship isn’t easy by any means, but the both of you have to remember that when you got together, you were opposite people with different views on life. you were both raised differently, and with that comes different ideas on the best ways to communicate, solve problems, show affection, and go about daily tasks. Try not to judge, try not to assume, and handle matters like adults, and see where things went wrong and where it can be fixed.

If the objective is to solve a problem, than dig deep and remember the reason why you got into a relationship in the first place. Focus on things that matter, don’t sidetrack your thoughts from your original problem and create a new one involving frustration, anxiety, and hurt feelings. If you cherish this person, and you honestly wholeheartedly love this person, then you should by all means do what you can to save each other. Respect each other, because there is no better way to show someone you love them other than to respect them. As children growing up, we yearned for respect from our parents, friends, teachers, and siblings to prove we have gained their acceptance and approval, why stop as adults with our loved ones? it would be a shame to lose the person you love just because you let your emotions get the best of you. <3

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And the difference is…

11:52pm. Alright, a good progress from last night. I went to work totally brain-fried today and really thanked God that I had very much survived the whole ordeal.

So, before I dive deep into bed tonight…

Do you know the main difference between a man and a woman?

A man is very decisive; he sees the end in his mind and almost always goes in that direction, working his way to reach his goal.
A woman, on the other hand, is more prudent. Not that being prudent isn’t good..but she really takes her time to decide on something. Sometimes, she worries too much and takes too long to call on an answer.

And today, I am really thanking God for men. Men who are decisive and able to lead those around them to a higher place.


Newness (1)

It’s 2:48am and I am quite wide awake. Noooo…

Anyway, I am just very thankful for this life. We are indeed living in exciting times.

My heart’s kind of bursting with many, many things now. 2012 is really a year of newness - of new things. Let me not be afraid.

And I am particularly thankful for what God had shown me this past week. For the past two services, I feel so much closer to my calling..I tingled when PK said there is a sense of destiny during Sun’s service because that was exactly what I felt since the previous week in Easter service!

We are halfway through the 4th month of the year and so much had happened..it seems like I had already lived the most of 2012.

What I am excited about is the things that are about to happen. Those that are on the brink of coming to pass. I believe breakthrough is very near. Though there is an avalanche of new stuff coming my way..new experiences, new schedules, new friendships etc..let me not be afraid.

I’m also thankful for Yongqiang. He is also a “new” in my life and I am very, very grateful to God for him. He causes me to see things the way I’d never try to see them from/in and at the most needed times, he speaks sense into me. He is understanding towards my schedule and the changes that are already knocking at the doors. He is supportive of my going forth to serve and simply do what God has told me to do. Indeed, through Yongqiang, God has shown me another side of love and the greatness of it. What have I done to deserve such a boyfriend…

Thank You, God..for all these and more. Set my heart on fire for You..



I believe that life is too short to live with hate, it’s to short to live with grudges. I don’t want to be mad at dumb things, nor do I want to live my life without my problems beings resolved. It’s crazy how fast time goes, it’s crazy how fast people leave. One minute you have them, and the next day you don’t and it’s not until they’re gone that we then realize just how much we loved them. There are times when we take not only our relationships for granted but the very people that make them up for granted as well. And by relationships, I mean any relationship you may have. We should not but we do constantly because whether or not we wish to admit it people are selfish by nature. We’re all so worried about ourselves, that we don’t take the time out to make sure things are okay, to make sure people aren’t being forgotten.

I have had so many people leave my life so unexpected, it’s been 4 years since my aunt passed away while she was on vacation, with no family around and still till this day I think about the last thing I said to her before she left. Although the circumstances weren’t in my favor, I knew I had showed her my love in every way possible, but it gave me comfort to know that before she left the last thing I said was “I Love You” I knew it made her smile. It didn’t come to my realization until later that those were the last words I said before she passed, but at that moment, at that time right then and there I knew that life was to short. I know we are not perfect, and I know we all have differences, but whether it’d be your dad, or mom, or brother, or sister just remind them of how much you love them.

Try to overcome your problems, and live happy. I never want to lose someone and know that before they left, I was mad at them, or I was holding a grudge. I want everyone that I love, to know that I love them. So whether it’d be tonight, or tomorrow. Tell the people you love, that you love them. It doesn’t even have to be verbally, just a simply hug, a simply goodnight, a simple I’m thinking about you, just a reminder. Tell your parents, tell your friends, your fam, tell them that you love them, leave the house in the morning in a good note. So many people walk this earth with so much hate and resentment, but it’s not until they lose something important that they then realize what they had. Relationships should not be taken for granted. They are special and if you want to keep them in tact you need to make an active effort to avoid taking your relationships for granted. Relationships are precious and we should cherish them until we don’t have them anymore. <3

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