Newness (2)

Something about being in a new season is that one has got to adapt to it. Quickly. Before it goes into another and more changes come. And this is what I find myself in now.

I am mightily blessed by what Pst Paul Scanlon had brought to the church last week because for a quite a while before that, I had felt a change - a shift in the atmosphere..and yet what I felt could only be placed into words when he came last week. A whole brand new season is here and we are right in the eye of this dynamic move of change.

But knowing that we or I myself for that matter is in this very new season is not enough. There must be a donning of the right clothes..the right kind of mindset, the right attitudes.

I just saw a little part of a Korean drama (My Princess)..the Princess in this story is one who came from a very ordinary background of living and had just been crowned due to her lineage..the fact that she’s a descendent of the royal family..and there are a few lines that really spoke to me:

Princess: It’s not easy being a Princess..I have to take pictures with the people and I have to listen to what each and every single one of them has to say.

Diplomat (her help/guide): Do you get it now? What you’re trying to do now is not some part-time job but to become a real princess. Handle whatever problems you’ll face one by one on your own terms.

Honestly, I feel those two lines are so for me. I get very ministered to by shows - the storylines and the script with all the carefully crafted exchange of lines..this is something which I feel God uses to speak to me a lot, through the years. A simple show or a simple line can speak into my situation or my life and greatly encourage me.

And so..this is where I am right now. Not a hireling, I am reminded. But a shepherd. One who takes care of the flock, not for his own selfish ambitions nor by compulsion (1 Pet 5:2-3) but willingly..being an example to the sheep. Let there be ownership. Let there be a pure heart and clean hands, always always always.

I feel like a Joshua. I have big shoes to fill. And sometimes I don’t know how to. At times, I don’t know what to do. But I do know WHO to look to..and I know that’s more than enough. May my eyes ever be set upon You.

So like today, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. But in a good way. I have been feeling an overwhelming sense of awe lately. And I don’t want it to be shaken off. I want to always carry it with me.

I know I am not peanut-sized. I know I can do great things for God albeit being just a single dot on this earth. I have always believed that I can change the world I live in in my own special way. I know, I know. But when more responsibilities are given to me, I still feel like wow, God..are You really calling me into this?

I feel awed by the fact that He can give me something that is so large, that I would feel scared because I do not know if I can properly “do this” and yet He can trust me with something of this magnitude.

I’m sorry if I am rushing into things here and you who are reading’s like ‘huh?’..recently, there came to be a need for a ‘Sunday group’ within my cg because we realised that there is a growing number of people joining/already with us who are working in the retail line or they have six-day work weeks and therefore could only make it to church on Sundays.

So..I am taking care of this group now and it is also a NEW in my life. Indeed, the year of 2012 is a year of so many new things. It is good. Springtime’s here and it’s time for hard work. And things accelerate during this season so may I always be prepared to be flexible, mouldable and available.

Back to point on adapting to the new season. I realised that there must be a realisation (haha..) to what is happening. There got to always be an awareness. Because only then can mindsets be changed, characters moulded and personalities fine tuned. If we are constantly aware of the changes taking place around us, we will constantly have a personal renewal of what’s on the inside of us. So that we ourselves are constantly re-aligned to what God is doing. He is a God who’s on the move. Sure there are times He slows down and steadies things but when the time comes for some charging forth to be done, let there be capacity, availablity and the movability to do so. Let me not stay stagnant. Let me get moving. Be a moving target. :)

And recently, I have been reflecting on what has actually happened to me from the start of this year till now..once again, I feel like I have already been through a year..much had happened. And it is good.

But there are times when all that has happened seem surreal…and that’s what I have been pondering on lately. LET THERE BE A CHANGE IN MINDSET. The old is now gone and the new has come. Let there be new wineskins for the new wine.

I find myself thinking of the newness in my life. Like how being a leader requires first the mentality and attitude plus character of one. And even being a girlfriend, requires the mentality and attitude plus character of one.

Ok, I know it’s been a long read. But thank you so much for reading, really. This post is something very personal to me and I wanted to pen it down as a reminder.

Bottomline and if there’s something you can take away from here is: You are equipped to do what you need and are called to do. Simply because you are called..means you are needed. But what is required is a constant change in yourself; from within. Know that you have what it takes. And then, just do it.


Newness (1)

It’s 2:48am and I am quite wide awake. Noooo…

Anyway, I am just very thankful for this life. We are indeed living in exciting times.

My heart’s kind of bursting with many, many things now. 2012 is really a year of newness - of new things. Let me not be afraid.

And I am particularly thankful for what God had shown me this past week. For the past two services, I feel so much closer to my calling..I tingled when PK said there is a sense of destiny during Sun’s service because that was exactly what I felt since the previous week in Easter service!

We are halfway through the 4th month of the year and so much had happened..it seems like I had already lived the most of 2012.

What I am excited about is the things that are about to happen. Those that are on the brink of coming to pass. I believe breakthrough is very near. Though there is an avalanche of new stuff coming my way..new experiences, new schedules, new friendships etc..let me not be afraid.

I’m also thankful for Yongqiang. He is also a “new” in my life and I am very, very grateful to God for him. He causes me to see things the way I’d never try to see them from/in and at the most needed times, he speaks sense into me. He is understanding towards my schedule and the changes that are already knocking at the doors. He is supportive of my going forth to serve and simply do what God has told me to do. Indeed, through Yongqiang, God has shown me another side of love and the greatness of it. What have I done to deserve such a boyfriend…

Thank You, God..for all these and more. Set my heart on fire for You..